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Atlas - HO Scale - 51'6 Bulkhead Flat Car - Duluth Winnipeg & Pacific Railway (DW&P) - #605007 - Black/Teal with White Lettering (SKU 150-20007100)

Available On: March 1, 2024



   HO Scale     


Between 1973 and 1977 a series of bulkhead flat cars with similar dimensions and characteristics were built for the BCOL, CN and DW&P. The Canadian roads had a variety of bulkhead flat car designs for a variety of services, particularly for use in pulpwood and lumber service. Many of these cars can still be seen today with secondary owners. Some are still used in their original roles in pulpwood and lumber service. While others now haul miscellaneous cargo such as steel I-beams, sheet metal and rebar.


 Prototypically correct ends and undercarriage
 Metal couplers
 Finely detailed 70-ton roller bearing trucks

 Crisp decoration
 Separately applied side and end ladders



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