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Joe's Model Train Company - Rusty Rails pack of rollers and disks - For Z track (SKU 350-109-40)



How does it work?


The paint flows through the paint tube to a tiny port at the edge of the roller and disc. Paint is drawn as the roller turns. A urethane foam roller is supported by two clear polyester Dura-Lar™ disks, a stainless steel spacer, that rotate on a stainless steel screw axel. Thickness and shape of roller is adjustable by turning screw  to tighten, or out to soften edge

In sizes equal or smaller than N scale code 55 you will be using only the single .020" disk (the foam roller will be too thick). Finger tightened locknut secures your adjustment.

Cap can be simply immersed in a separate little jar with thinner for oil based enamels or water with dish detergent for acrylics to clean up. Remove to dry, then store for use again later!


?No more spraying and masking!
?Paint in the tightest spots- switches, bridges!
?Paint track without messing up scenery!
?Paint and clean up in a fraction of the time vs. airbrushing!
?Detail rails, spikes, plates at the same if you want too!
?Pack of rollers and disks included
?Instructions included.

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$4.95 US