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Micro-Trains - Z Scale - Sweet Liquid Tank Car Series - Car 09 - 39 ft Single Dome Tank Car - McCahan Sugar Refining (SKU 489-53000580)

Available On: March 1, 2021


Special food-grade tank cars have been used to transport a variety of sweet concentrates from distribution centers to factories all over the United States. Commodities such as corn syrup, cane syrup, honey, molasses and others were commonly shipped in bulk by rail in heated tank cars to processing plants, chocolate factories, breweries and soft drink factories. Sometimes adorned by bright and flashy artwork, they were colorful “stand-outs” in any manifest freight train. This Sweet Liquid Tank Car Series will feature twelve prototypically accurate 39’ Single Dome Tank Cars!

his 39’ single dome tank car is black with white lettering and runs on Archbar trucks. Built in 1921 by General American, this GATX-owned tank car was leased to Union Starch & Refining Co., of Granite City, Illinois. Used to carry corn-syrup and other liquids used in the commercial sugar manufacturing industry, it was used through the 1950s before being retired.


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Expected Releases Starting In: March 2021

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