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Atlas (Trainman) - N Scale - Flatcar w/Stakes - CP Rail #421682 - Black/White With White Lettering (SKU 751-50005560)

Available On: January 1, 2024




N Scale



The Atlas Trainman 50’ Flat car represents a general purpose flat car built in the 1950s. It could be found hauling many different types of commodities. The pockets along the sides of the car could be used for holding down cargo with chains or straps. Optionally stakes could be inserted into these pockets to help contain irregular loads such as logs.These cars lasted for many decades and could often times be found in maintenance of way (MOW) service near the end of their lives.



Accumate Couplers 

Crisp painting and printing

User installable stakes


Order Due Date: May 13, 2020

Anticipated Delivery Date: September 2020

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