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Columbus Trainmaster - Z Scale - 4 tier wrapped SHORT loads for Red Caboose centerbeam cars - Deltic Timber (SKU 301-72104Z)

Available On: November 1, 2019


Deltic Timber is a natural resources company engaged primarily in the growing and harvesting of timber and the manufacture and marketing of lumber and medium density fiberboard (MDF).

The Company is organized into four segments:  1) Woodlands, which manages all aspects of the Company’s timberlands, including the harvest and sale of timber, the sales and acquisitions of timberland, the leasing of oil and gas mineral rights, royalty payments, timberland management and the leasing of hunting land;

2) Manufacturing, which consists of Deltic’s two sawmills that manufacture a variety of softwood lumber products and the Del-Tin Fiber plant that produces MDF;

3) Real Estate, which includes the Company’s real estate developments and a related country club operation; and

4) Corporate, which consists of executive management and the staff functions of accounting, legal, information systems, human resources, purchasing, treasury, and income tax that provide support services to the operating business units. The company merged with Potlatch to form PotlatchDeltic.

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