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Columbus Trainmaster - Z Scale - Thompson River Lumber (for Red Caboose centerbeam cars) Thompson River Lumber Co is located in northwestern Montana (SKU 301-72097Z)

Available On: May 1, 2019

Thompson River

Thompson River Lumber Co. is located in northwestern Montana, in the scenic town of Thompson Falls.  Thompson River Lumber was founded in 1993 and processes six (6) different species of timber.  That, combined with a streamlined operation and an excellent team of employees, gives them the flexibility to meet the changing needs of customers


In 1993 Thompson River Lumber was founded by Roger Claridge as a family owned and operated sawmill. Roger brought many years of experience and knowledge of not just general business, but the area and the industry, from operating a company that among other things, hauled logs down the Thompson River road to the mill site.

TRL is located at the confluence of the Thompson River and the Clark Fork River near Thompson Falls, Montana. Thompson River Lumber is currently the second largest private employer in Sanders County.

We pride ourselves in making the best possible products. The dimensional lumber, boards, industrials and specialty items produced are with the assistance of modernized equipment, and perhaps our most valuable resource, our employees.

Moved by rail and by truck all across the country; our finished lumber products can be recognized by logo on our paper wrap used to protect it during travel.

A portion of our residual products, that we do not use in house, supplement other businesses in the wood fiber industry, enabling them to maintain their raw material supplies and sustain their employment levels.

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