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NARC - HO Scale - 4 Bay Cylindrical Hopper - Marine Industries - Government of Canada (CPWX)(Red with White Lettering)(Version 03/ M2 End)(Special Features) - Single Car - Road Numbers 1-12 Available (SKU 11-35030001)

Available On: April 1, 2024

Version 1 - Grain Car

In the 1970's, Canadian National & Canadian Pacific developed a concept for a standard 4550 cubic-foot 4-bay cylindrical hopper. The basic design of this hopper was developed into two car types, one for grain and similar consistency products and another for potash, dry chemicals and fertilizers.

The most obvious difference between these two types of cars can be seen in the loading hatches on the top of the cars. The grain version of the car has trough hatches spanning the length of the body top, while the potash version has a series of round hatches spaced along the length of the body.

During the production life of the design, thousands of these care were manufactured in various production runs by three different manufacturers. Marine Industries produced many of these cars over the production run, and in total produced 15 variations of the basic design between the grain and potash types of this car.

Today, thousands of these cars remain in service with Canadian Pacific, Canadian National and a number of other operators. Many can be seen in their original "Heritage" paint schemes, as well as more modern schemes, such as the colorful 2008 Green Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation scheme. Though they initially were primarily seen in Canada, they now travel the rails of North American from Canada to Mexico, with operations in many parts of the United States.

Prototype Spotting Features:
  • Body 1, Type 2 End (Low Brace End with Vertical Brake Wheel House, with rectangle cross brace)Vertical Face on Bolster
  • Low Mounted Air Tank
  • Trough Hatch
  • Toggle Lock (Outlet Gate)
  • 11 Running Board Supports Riveted Outlet Gate

Features of the model as appropriate per prototype:

  • Meticulously researched and designed
  • 2 different running boards (11 or 17 supports) – etched brass
  • Etched Brass Crossover Platforms (with individually applied supports)
  • 5 different Ends (bracing variations)
  • 2 Different Outlet Gates (Toggle Lock and Spiral Cog)
  • Investment castings for capstans (end of gates)
  • 2 Different Hand Brakes (conventional and “High Power” Ellcon-National
  • 2 Different Reservoir Positions (low for truck mounted cylinders and high for body mounted cylinders)
  • External brake Rod on cares with body mounted brakes cylinders (including levers)
  • 3 Different styles of trough hatches (smooth, slash, “V”)
  • Kadee # 58 semi-scale couplers
  • Coupler Cut Bars
  • 2 Bolster/Jack Pad Styles (flat and sloped faces)
  • North American Railcar High-Performance Low Friction Trucks Barber S-2 100 ton-ton trucks with semi-scale 36” wheels

There are 12 road numbers available in this release, change quantity in cart to order more than a single car, road numbers are:

CPWX 608321-608591 (gravity outlet gates and M2 ends) 1983 to present

  • 01  /  CPWX 608538
  • 02  /  CPWX 608368
  • 03  /  CPWX 608410
  • 04  /  CPWX 608427
  • 05  /  CPWX 608487
  • 06  /  CPWX 608510
  • 07  /  CPWX 608535
  • 08  /  CPWX 608555
  • 09  /  CPWX 608558
  • 10  /  CPWX 608581
  • 11  /  CPWX 608585
  • 12  /  CPWX 608587




For a complete list of all the different versions and explanations of the differences on the Marine Industries 4550 cu ft Cylindrical Hopper go to this link: Click Here


Photo by Shane Kasper

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