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Kadee - HO Scale - 40' PS-1 Box Car - Columbus & Greenville #2417 (SKU 380-5276)

Available On: June 1, 2007

Kadee PS-1 Boxcars all feature: Clearly legible and prototypical lettering, clear plastic box for ease of viewing & storage, sliding doors, Kadee #2100 "scale" coupler & graft gear box, Kadee self centering, smooth rolling, fully sprung trucks with brake shoes, see-through running board & brake platform, "scale" grabs & full length ladders. Magnificently detailed hand brake, brake box, see-through molded chain, slack adjuster, air hoses, cut levers, air reservoir, brake-rod, triple valve, piping make the cars a work of art & meets NMRA standards.

$29.95 US