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   In previous years, we have been able to set a percentage which, calculated per dollar value of the shipment, would provide a reasonably close shipping charge. However, now, not only Canada Post, but also the USPS and UPS software programs require that we enter dimensional weight. They are basing charges upon cubic or actual weight, depending on which is greater.

In addition, they are adding charges: delivery value is the fee for insurance and delivery confirmation ($2.00 at present) is the actual date, time, and place of delivery. Signature required in UPS is an extra charge ($2.00 at present) under delivery confirmation.

Any shipment over the insurable value, must be at the customer's intelligently-undertaken risk, expressly requested. Or we will ship at the insurable amount in multiple packages. We must enter values for the product at retail (not discounted) value in order to ensure insurance will be paid for claims.

For all shipments, we will pull the product, pack it up, weigh and measure, and do the actual shipping label. At end of day, we'll close and print the labels and use the actual costs we are assessed, plus a small handling fee of 1.5% for material costs ($20 max), to charge each customer for only the services received.

This new policy will take effect on November 9, 2015 and it will work the same for customers in Canada, the US, and overseas. No matter what method of shipping is used, or where the package is going, we will do our best to pack it so there is no damage and to provide the most efficient and economical service possible.

If you would like to use an alternate means of shipping, i.e., pickup by yourself or courier, etc., put a note to that effect on your order. Such alternative means must be arranged and pre-paid by you and appropriate notice must be given to us.

Extra Notes:

United States Postal Service

1. To ship USPS Priority International, the maximum retail value per package is $499.99 for full insurance.

2. If you wish to ship USPS Priority International in higher amounts, you will do so at your own risk. Only an indemnity (less than $100) is provided in such cases where loss is had.

3. As stated above, each customer must be prepared to pay the actual cost of freight, insurance, and a handling charge; we will keep it minimal, $7.50 to $10.00 - due to the extra requirement of customs forms to be filled out in detail.

4. Should we be required to take the package to the post office in person, the handling charge will be $20.00 per package.

5. A heavier weight (rounded up to the next pound) than actual will be used in order to ensure that packages have sufficient postage and are not returned to PWRS.

6. Flat Rate packages will only be used if and when there is sufficient weight and/or value to warrant the cost.

If you wish more information on pricing by USPS, refer to the Notice 123 under the country name and number referred to in the link for all countries: http://pe.usps.com/text/Imm/fh_014.htm#ep3576772


Overseas customers have, at times, requested we use lower pricing on customs documents in order to save Value Added Taxes and/or other customs or duties. Not only is this unethical, it is contrary to law. It is, in fact, a fraud practiced upon the sovereign power of another nation. Should Pacific Western Rail System ever be found to commit such falsification, not one of our shipments or customs documents could or would be trusted by any foreign government ever again. It would be devastating in terms of time, i.e. delays at customs, as well as extra attention and searching, and heavier penalties for any slight error, to our customers all around the world. We cannot, in good conscience allow even the suggestion of such a practice to be associated with our name. We hope all our customers will not only understand but support our stand in this matter.

The Goodie Box

The term "goodie box" refers to a system of holding goods for customers in order to maximize shipping costs. Only invoiced and paid-for goods can be placed in a goodie box, nothing that has not been paid for will be held in a goodie box. The contents of the goodie box belong to the customer, not to PWRS; ownership changes hands at the time the product has been paid for.

PWRS will hold the product in a goodie box for up tosix months. We do this at our cost, without charge to the customer, as a service to our customers. Longer periods of holding product may be arranged, on an individual basis, if need be (customer is out of the country working temporarily--not permanently; delayedproduct is coming from vendor, etc.). But the standard rule is that PWRS holds the customer's property for up to six months and no longer. It is the customer's responsibilitybefore the end of that time (unless specifically agreed upon between customer and PWRS), to advise us to ship now.

Should a customer be notified he has product that needs to be shipped, and he refuses to pay shipping charges, he is abandoning his property. Should it be impossible to contact the customer, he is abandoning his property.

Goodie box product belongs to the customer and the standard policies for returns apply to goodie box products, with one exception. All convenience returns (change of mind, change of scale, out of hobby, etc.) must be made within thirty (30) days of payment for the product. The only exception to the thirty-day (30 day) rule is defective goods; defective goods will be replaced in accordance with thestandard Return Merchandise Authorization(RMA) policy. No returns and no refunds will be made on goodie box products (except for RMAs within 30 days or if defective).

Abandonment by the customermay result in a loss of the product as well as a loss of the money outlaid to purchase the product. Abandonment results after six months without provision for shipping of the goods in the goodie box. PWRS is not required to contact the customer, though we usually do try to contact and consult the customer as to his wishes. Once abandonment occurs, PWRS will no longer be responsible for the product.

We are happy to accommodate our customers, holding product to wait on other items coming from dealers and suppliers. But we cannot increase our warehousing space just to provide a free service to our customers. We have no intention of abolishing the goodie box system. Over the years, our customers have been very cooperative in the goodie box system; but a few always make it necessary for hard rules to be laid down and enforced. Please help us to continue offering this service.