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Pennsy M1a/b HO BlueLine

The development of the Sound for the BlueLine Pennsy M1a/b is just about finished. I would like to take a moment to give our customers a little Inside information about our new, very cool sound system.

A few highlights:

        Start-up. As power is applied to the track various sounds are heard before the locomotive begins to move. Just like the prototypes, compressors and pumps begin cycling as the steam pressure builds. A dynamo is heard spinning up to speed. Other start-up sounds are present.

       The locomotive begins to move, but we don't hear the usual chuffing sounds. The chuffs sound muted. That's because the steam cocks are open. A few moments later the normal-sounding chuffs kick in. Just like the real ones. Prototypical! Very cool.

      Another feature is when the locomotive is accelerating the chuffs become louder. Makes sense because the locomotive is working harder. The chuff sound also becomes more uniform as the locomotive is running at a constant speed. The final chuff scenario is when the locomotive is slowing down or coming to a stop. The brake squeal sounds as the chuffs become less loud. Even the rod knock sound is heard. This makes sense as the locomotive is not working hard. Sounds just like the real ones. Prototypical!

       The whistle is accurate, playable, clear and loud. The bell is crisp. Prototypical!

      In my opinion, what makes the system even cooler is the ability to customize the sounds. If you want to adjust bell volume change the CV. Want the bell to ring faster or slower, adjust the CV. Don't like the steam cock startup sound, remove it by adjusting the CV. CV's are easily adjusted with a DCMaster. Even in DC. Another great point, if you want to return to the original factory settings, adjust the default CV. It's very easy and fun.

      DC or DCC, your choice. For DCC simply add your favorite decoder..

And there's more. Above are only a few of the highlights. BlueLine locomotives combine quality, detail, operation and sound at very affordable prices. Operate as Prototypically as you like.

The PRR M1a/b ships in about 6 weeks.

Shipping Now!


GE AC6000 HO Just Arrived!

Roadnames: GE Demo 'Green Machine', GECX, UP, CSX, BHP Iron Ore, SP, Unpainted. For more information,




Roadnames: LS&I, Utah Railway, DM&IR, Alco Demonstrator, SSW, B&LE, AT&SF, GBW, SP, PRR, Penn Central, B&LE, Undecorated. For more information,



EMD Switchers HO

Roadnames: Erie, T&P, SP&S, TRRA, NP, L&N, WAB, SLSF, PRR, C&S, NC&StL, NKP, CGW, EJ&E, B&O, GN, PRR, SP, UP, NYC, C&O, BN, PL&E Undecorated. For more information,



Arriving in Late May

EMD SD40-2 BlueLine HO

Roadnames: AT&SF, B&O, BNSF, CN, FEC, MILW, NS, UP, Unpainted. For more information,




Roadnames: AT&SF, D&GRW, PRR, SP Daylight, and D&H, Unpainted. For more information,



            UP Big Boy BRASS 4-8-8-4, HO

Roadnumbers: UP Big Boy BRASS 4-8-8-4, 4002, 4012, 4023, 4024 with Table Top Brass Operating Collector's Display Case with Roller Bearings and Power Inputs for in-case display operation.


For further information and special pricing on any and all of the models on this page, call PWRS - Tool Free - at (866) 840-7777.