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"Sometimes imitation can be the sincerest form of flattery"

Dear HO Scale Customers: As many of you are aware it is our policy, not to reprint any road numbers once we have done a Special Run car or engine with any of our suppliers.

In 1998, we had Intermountain produce - exclusively for us - the famous CN "Lifesaver" or "Rainbow" 4 Bay Cylindrical Hopper with road number 370708.

You will notice on this month's Intermountain list of products  annouced for May 2007 - 6 variances (different road numbers) of the CN Rainbow Car.

We would like to point out to our loyal customers who bought the orignal car (370708) that this was the only protoypical reporting number and will not be re-produced. So for those of you who have the original car its value will still be intact.

All of the cars being offered on today's announcement will be made with fictitious reporting numbers.

We hope you order them and enjoy them when they come.

So if you would like to order the car(s) here is the link

Or Call Pacific Western Rail at (866) 840-7777

Intermountian has announced new CP and CN Government of Saskatchewan Cars:

If you would like to order these cars, here are the links:


Or Call Pacific Western Rail at (866) 840-7777