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This is a significant announcement from Athearn. The SD40-2 is the most popular locomotive ever manufactured with 3,131 made through December 31, 1986. The SD40-2 was the first Athearn model locomotive that was done with a scale width hood which was ground breaking at the time. However, time marches on and it was time to upgrade this model. Athearn has really stepped up to the task. What has changed?

  • A totally new frame allowing for plastic fuel tanks with correct fuel tank dimensions for specific railroads (see the MILW Bi-Centennial), individual air tanks and additional detail.
  • Prototypically correct short nose lengths (81", 88", 116" & 123").
  • Prototypically correct dynamic brake blisters - including extended range dynamisc where applicable.
  • Prototypically correct head and tail lights for most versions.
  • New see through radiator and dynamic brake fan housings fans with more detail.
  • New more prototypically accurate cab.
  • Removal of the cast-on grab irons replaced with scale wire grabs.
  • Improved window glazing.
  • DCC-ready electronics.
  • And many other details - see the above information.
  • Operating headlights using individual low voltage microbulbs.


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