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New GE ES44/45AC Locomotives Announced

Kansas City Southern de Mexico ES44AC in Brand new paimt Scheme

Ferromex ES44AC

Union Pacific C45ACCTE w/ new Building America logo position

  • New Building America and UP shield position moved just behind the cab on both sides
  • US Flag now same size on both sides of locomotive.
  • E-Bell? used in place of traditional Gong-type bell in early UP GEVO production
  • Available for pre-order in 4 different road numbers

BNSF ES44DC #7695 with Yellow BNSF logo

  • Will feature the standard radiator and sideframe detail upgrades featured on all new GEVOs
  • Available for pre-order in 1 road number
  • This unique paint scheme is one of the test schemes prior to the introduction of the new BNSF Railway scheme introduced in February 2005.  Only 100 units will be offered in this paint scheme.

CN ES44DC Cab Update!

I have just returned from a research/ dealer visit trip to parts of both Ontario and Quebec this past week.  After making the announcement that we would not make the proper cab we have heard from customers and dealers alike and decided to create the proper cab detail. 

Thanks to our faithful T55 customers for providing their opinions on this topic.  We certainly hope that this comes as good news and customers can now place their pre-orders with the understanding that they will have the correct cab with teardrop windows, ditch lights operating on both ends and anti-climbers on both ends as well.

Brian Marsh - President - Tower 55

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