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May 29, 2024 - N Scale

Midwest Products - N Scale - Cork Roadbed Back in Stock...For Now!




 N Scale


Dear N Scale Customers;


As many of you know, Cork Roadbed has been in very short supply these days (due to supply problems originating in Spain and Portugal) .

We talked with Midwest and they have over 65000 pieces on backorder.They are getting a tiny sporadic supply. But no where near enough to make a dent in the back orders.

Last week one of our Canadian Distributors had forgotten they placed an order for cork roadbed over a year ago. To his astonishment he received an old back order of cork.

We took all remaining inventory (which wasn't very much).

 Supply is very limited so if you know you will needing some cork soon now would be a good time to order some.

The cork comes 25 pieces per case.




This is the perfect time to grab some cork while it's still available. Don't miss out!

We have no idea if or when we will see more supply.


Available Now!


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