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Feb 29, 2024 - HO Scale

Woodland Scenics - HO Scale - Two New Buildings



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Dear HO Scale Customers; Woodland Scenics has announced two new structures from their Built and Ready series. Check them out!




Cozy Cabin



Built-&-Ready Landmark Structure, Cozy Cabin, was designed for the outskirts and rural areas of a layout. The authentically weathered and hand-painted building is pre-lit and made for use with Woodland Scenics' Just Plug Lighting System . This homey building features equally detailed interior and exterior features.

Look inside through the screen door at the warm, flickering 3D fireplace in the center of the back wall with a rocking chair resting next to it. Pots, pans, lanterns and deer and fish mounts clutter the walls. A giant bear rug cloaks the center of the wood floor. The building is made up of logs, sealed together with chinking and has a rusty tin roof with patches. The natural stone chimney was inspired by hand-picked creek rocks. Additional features include rock steps that lead up to the covered porch, a wash tub, wooden bench and a stack of split wood resting on the side of the building.





Kid's Clubhouse


Built-&-Ready Landmark Structure, Kids Clubhouse, is the local hangout for the neighborhood kids. This rickety building was scabbed together and built entirely from scraps. The exterior is decorated with hand-painted messages and salvaged road and business signs. One window is curtained off with burlap potato sacks, while another is jammed with a car window, held in place by a bedframe.

A ladder covered in paint stains leans against the building, leading up to the lookout point located on the rusty tin roof. A checkered race flag signals the club's unity. There are two access points to the building: a weathered door and a hidden crawl space. Additional details include a tattered car seat resting on cinderblocks and a reclaimed wooden spool for a side table.

The shack can be placed in the backyard of a home, in the middle of the woods or anywhere kids want a clubhouse. This building will be available in N, HO and O scales.




Expected Delivery Date: April 2024


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