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Mar 25, 2023 - HO Scale

New HO Scale Government of Alberta Covered Hopper Club Lounge Car - Barrhead Announced


Barrhead Car 628412
Dear HO Scle Customers:
We have finalized the orders for the next run of Alberta cars. One of our customers have asked us to consider doing a bonus car the Barrhead Car. This car was unique. It was one of 2 cars done with the the printing reversed with a yellow background are the worrds....Take an Alberta break Visit.
In any event, with our third run of the Government of Alberta Grain Cars 4 Bay Cylindrical Hoppers coming out in the fall, we thought we would add this car to the PORTERS Club Lounge.
So, if you collect Alberta Grain cars, just a grain car fan, or even if you are not, you can use your PORTERS Points & NARC Manufacturers Credits to get one of the 48 of these available. 

There are many reasons to be a PWRS PORTERS Member. Complete product announcement tracking through the reservation sheet and PORTERS Points are some of the advantages most popular with our customers. However, there is another PORTERS Only benefit for PORTERS Members, and that is the PORTERS Club Lounge.

What is the PORTERS Club Lounge and what makes it so unique? Well, it is a special section of the PORTERS System that is accessed by PORTERS Members on their PORTERS Home screen.  In the PORTERS Club Lounge, PORTERS Members will see special cars. These are very limited production, specially lettered, grafititied or weathered cars only available to PORTERS Members. There are 48 or fewer copies of any road number or scheme in the PORTERS Club Lounge. As a result, these cars are both very unique and highly collectible.

These HO Scale & N Scale cars, only available to PORTERS Members, are a special "thank you" item to our customers. These cars are available on a first come, first served basis to customers who have purchased a certain number of cars from the manufacturer of the PORTERS Club Lounge car, in most cases customers who have previously purchased, or purchases a total of approx 24 cars will be eligible to receive one of these special cars. Any combination of past, present and future purchased of North American Railcar Corporation products can be used to obtain enough PORTERS Points & Manufacturing Credits to get these cars.

Not sure if you have purchased enough cars to receive one of these special cars for free? Just check your PORTERS Points balance when you sign into your PORTERS Account. It is in a green box on the right hand side of the screen. Once there, check you manufacturer credits too. Then go to the PORTERS Club Lounge and see what you want. Check out as normal and select "Pay with Points". If you have any questions, or need any assistance, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

So, if you are a PORTERS Member, check these out and remember, they are first come, first served. With only 48 these cars, they will go quickly. Just like all other North American Railcar Corporation releases, these unique special road numbers will never be released again.

If you are not a PORTERS Member, and would like to get one of these cars, it is easy. Just click on the BLUE BOX below to sign up. PORTERS Accounts are free with no obligation to buy anything. In addition to PORTERS Club Lounge cars, PORTERS Members save money on many future product releases and have access to PORTERS ONLY special events.

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