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May 4, 2022 - N Scale

Wheels Of Time - N Scale - PWRS Exclusive - 70ton 53'6" Flat Car BC Rail (BCOL) ex-PGE-Vancouver Iron & Engineering

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N Scale

Dear N Scale Customers;

- Order Reminder -

This is our newest PWRS Exclusive Run from Wheels Of Time!

We are offering a 6 pack of the new 70 ton 53ft 6in Flat Car with Wood Deck - BC Rail (BCOL)  ex-PGE -  Vancouver Iron & Engineering Works.

Wheels of time PWRS Exclusive Run



Road Numbers:

BCOL 1511

BCOL 1527

BCOL 1530


BCOL 1546

BCOL 1549

BCOL 1560


We are only making 50 sets. Make sure to place your orders now!


If you really want a 3 pack, let us know and we will try to do that for you.


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